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Blue Whale suicide game

Healers come into contact with vulnerable targets and give them tasks to accomplish; the ultimate task is to commit suicide
The Blue Whale Challenge Suicide Game – which has claimed more than 100 lives around the world so far – is now available with different names such as A Silent House, A Sea of Whales and Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM, according to a UNICEF statement, which states that there could be other similar games available on the Internet, as well. The advisor also said that although the government has asked companies such as Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo to immediately eliminate the links that lead to deadly gambling, it remains unclear how these companies would make the game inaccessible .

“It’s because this Blue Whale Challenge Game is not accessible to the public and can be downloaded for free, it’s a social networking phenomenon where conversations about it happen secretly in closed social media groups. play only if an administrator comes in contact with you and recruit him as a potential whale, or a candidate, “he said.

In India, fatal gambling claimed another victim in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday evening, when a 13-year-old boy committed suicide by clinging to his home, another boy from Bengal was rescued from mortal life by his friends, teachers and teachers of the university The police advisers of West Bengal on the same day. The game that originated in Russia has caused more than 100 deaths worldwide. In India too, it has cost the lives of more than six children between the ages of 12 and 19 to date.

A similar number of children were damaged while playing a deadly game and were rescued only by rapid intervention. The DOST #Staysafeonline ASLI campaign in India has launched tips for parents and teachers to monitor their children’s social media activity. The key points of the consultation are:


Here are a few tips on how you can keep your child safe online:

  • Having correct information about an issue is extremely important. The media reports on this issue do not make it clear that the role of this game/challenge in the recent cases of suicide has not been verified yet.
  • Make sure that your child has access to age appropriate online sites which do not promote unethical behaviour or violence.
  • Always ensure that your child accesses Internet from a computer placed in the family space.
  • Talk to your child more often. Explore the online world together and engage in interesting activities demonstrating ethical and safe online behaviour.
  • Use parental controls on all the devices used by your child. Monitor the screen time and keep an eye on his/her online activities.
  • Be a role model to your child. Be conscious of your own online activities.
  • Talk to other parents, share concerns if any and discuss best ways to help your children.
  • Keep yourself updated with recent internet phenomena.
  • Observe your child’s behaviour closely. Be alert to any unusual changes like moodiness, less or no communication, lack of interest in studies and falling grades. If you notice any such changes, closely monitor his/her online activities, talk to school authorities or consult a child psychologist.
  • If you find out that your child is already playing the Blue Whale Challenge, immediately stop him/her from using the internet from any devices.
  • Inform your local police authority about what has happened and seek their advice on the next safety measures.

Cognizant says 400 senior executives take voluntary separation package

Bangalore: Cognizant Technology Solutions said that 400 of its executives have accepted a voluntary separation program (VSP), which started a few months ago, which should translate into an annual savings of about 60 million dollars.

The company launched the VSP in May, which offers up to nine months of salary as part of some of its top executives in the US. And India.

The move is part of the expansion plan of the listed company Nasdaq to improve margins and employee utilization in a rapidly evolving computer environment that has been under pressure due to automation and lower revenues from existing operations.

“In the second quarter, we have taken steps to improve our cost structure and operating margins instead of allowing us to continue to invest in economic growth.

These actions resulted in charges of approximately $ 39 million in connection with the reorganization project, mainly due to compensation costs, including those related to was launched and concluded in the second quarter voluntary separation program, CFO Karen McLoughlin said during a call after earnings analysis last week.

It was not immediately clear how many Indian executives have accepted the company’s offer, but given that more than 70% of the Conscious staff is based in that country, the number could be on the higher side according to more conservative estimates.

The company said the cost of the $ 39 million readjustment was $ 35 million for partners who have accepted their VSP. He also expects additional costs for consulting fees, severance pay, termination of the lease and consolidation costs for the facility for the remainder of the year.

McLoughlin said in February that the company aimed to improve costs through optimization, smart procurement, simplification of the top structure of the business unit and the use of corporate function expenses to increase operating margin, which is Significantly lower than its Indian rivals Infosys and TCS.

For the first time, Conscious also reported a decrease of 4 400 jobs in its workforce, the growth of its workforce to 256,800 at the end of June of 261,200 at the end of March. The decrease was attributed to performance evaluations and voluntary separation program.

“Although we will of course manage to count, we will continue to hire and invest in the essential skills necessary for the growth of our digital business, and we expect the wear and tear will decrease in the coming months,” he said.