RSS ‘Propaganda’ On Violence To Block Development: Kerala Chief Minister

New Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram: The “propaganda propaganda” on violence will hurt the development prospects of Kerala, not the government led by, left as planned by Prime Minister Pinaray Vijayan to NDTV today.

People of the state, said: do not buy publicity, since Kerala has the best record of law and order in the country. But these claims could hurt his prospects for investment and tourism. “This is not a campaign against the leftist government is a campaign against Kerala, the most peaceful state,” NDTV said.

The government of M. Vijayan refused to focus on violence in the country – Bharatiya Janata Party and its mentor Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sang. The position, for their possession, is politically motivated and aimed at discrediting the government by the US-led left and dismissing charges of graft against BJP leaders.

Prime Minister has broken his silence on the political violence witnessed by the state One day after the Minister of the Union, Aaron Gitli, visited Thiruvananthapuram to meet the family Rajesh Edavakode died recently after her hand was cut, allegedly by men linked to the CPM.

During his visit, M. Jetley made stinging criticism of political violence in the state, considering that the way Rajesh Edavakode killed “would even terrorists.” Mourinho criticized the government of M. Vijayan. Governments, said: “to improve the quality of people’s lives,” is elected, but Kerala has experienced “ongoing violence epic.”

He also rejected the demand for feed for the president’s ruling in the state, doubling the “joke.” RSS, he said: was indifferent when people were in the case of killing by the rumor of beef.

Today, the prime minister said earlier that the state council that the government “intelligence reports that the Bharatiya Janata Party has launched attacks across the state.” The precautionary measures have been taken to control them and the government can return the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation if necessary.

Replying to the left, MP Rajesh MP, who published an open letter to M. Jetley yesterday on Facebook, said M. Vijayan National Bureau of Crime Records data showed that Kerala was “number one” in peace.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government was also present in Uttar Pradesh, which recorded the most violent cases. “The number of cases in Kerala has decreased since 2012. There were no riots while the number of murders was 305 in 2016 according to NCRB same period of year UP saw 4732 murders,” he said.