RSS ‘Propaganda’ On Violence To Block Development: Kerala Chief Minister

New Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram: The “propaganda propaganda” on violence will hurt the development prospects of Kerala, not the government led by, left as planned by Prime Minister Pinaray Vijayan to NDTV today.

People of the state, said: do not buy publicity, since Kerala has the best record of law and order in the country. But these claims could hurt his prospects for investment and tourism. “This is not a campaign against the leftist government is a campaign against Kerala, the most peaceful state,” NDTV said.

The government of M. Vijayan refused to focus on violence in the country – Bharatiya Janata Party and its mentor Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sang. The position, for their possession, is politically motivated and aimed at discrediting the government by the US-led left and dismissing charges of graft against BJP leaders.

Prime Minister has broken his silence on the political violence witnessed by the state One day after the Minister of the Union, Aaron Gitli, visited Thiruvananthapuram to meet the family Rajesh Edavakode died recently after her hand was cut, allegedly by men linked to the CPM.

During his visit, M. Jetley made stinging criticism of political violence in the state, considering that the way Rajesh Edavakode killed “would even terrorists.” Mourinho criticized the government of M. Vijayan. Governments, said: “to improve the quality of people’s lives,” is elected, but Kerala has experienced “ongoing violence epic.”

He also rejected the demand for feed for the president’s ruling in the state, doubling the “joke.” RSS, he said: was indifferent when people were in the case of killing by the rumor of beef.

Today, the prime minister said earlier that the state council that the government “intelligence reports that the Bharatiya Janata Party has launched attacks across the state.” The precautionary measures have been taken to control them and the government can return the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation if necessary.

Replying to the left, MP Rajesh MP, who published an open letter to M. Jetley yesterday on Facebook, said M. Vijayan National Bureau of Crime Records data showed that Kerala was “number one” in peace.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government was also present in Uttar Pradesh, which recorded the most violent cases. “The number of cases in Kerala has decreased since 2012. There were no riots while the number of murders was 305 in 2016 according to NCRB same period of year UP saw 4732 murders,” he said.

Opposition to meet in Delhi this week to decide on strategy to counter BJP

NEW DELHI: At the end of the session, the ugly parliament, the leader Benjamin West and the leader of the Trinamool Congress, Mamata Banerjee will travel to Delhi to attend an August 11 meeting all opposition parties that met from the Presidential elections to address the BJP to power.

The meeting convened by Congress leader Sonia Gandhi must have 18 parties, with the exception of JD (T), who has already joined the forum, but that was to the NDA camp, which has decided to vote in a joint strategy At the gates of Parliament for the next three months before Parliament meets for the winter session in November.

Opposition parties in Parliament have coordinated soil strategy for the monsoon session and on Tuesday they even worked together to get out Rajya Sabha claiming that the currency of Rs 500 banknotes in circulation are not identical.

Even Wednesday the parties plan to address the problem against the afternoon government because the morning in the House will focus on the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Quit India movement against the British rulers who culminated in Independence of India in 1947.

On the remaining three days of the session, opposition parties have decided to allow the upper chamber, where it still has a majority of only ran for celebrations of Quit India, vice president and farewell Hamid Ansari, vice president and Rajya Sabha, and Also to welcome the President and Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu, a member of one’s own house.

Opposition parties plan to address issues related to the current regime in the streets and through public gatherings to keep the momentum of protests in the next three months and the first major rally is scheduled to rally a demonstration in Gandhi Maidan called Patna By RJD chief Lalu Prasad, whose party recently left the government with the leader of JD (T), Nitish Kumar, who broke the alliance and retired with BJP to form the government in Bihar.

It is interesting to note that the top leader of the JD member (T) Rajya Sabha Sharad Yadav, invited opposition leaders to a forum – Sanjha Virasat – proposed to float on August 17. Yadav can also attend the meeting of opposition parties on August 11, his party is not part of the group that formed Opposition Unit.

How Three Pakistani Nationals, Living In Bengaluru, Managed To Get Aadhaar Cards

How Three Pakistani Nationals, Living In Bengaluru, Managed To Get Aadhaar Cards

How Three Pakistani Nationals, Living In Bengaluru, Managed To Get Aadhaar Cards

El jueves, tres ciudadanos pakistaníes que viven en la India bajo falsas identidades fueron detenidos en Bangalore. Entre sus documentos de identidad, también hubo tarjetas Aadhaar que todo parecía poseer.

Los dos hombres y una mujer fueron identificados como Shamsuddin Khasif, Samira Abdul Rahman Kiron y Ghulam Ali. Un ciudadano indio, Muhammed Shihab, natural de Kerala, habría ayudado.

Entonces, ¿cómo estos ciudadanos paquistaníes se las arreglan para conseguir Aadhaar tarjetas?

Este fue falsos nombres y un contrato de alquiler casa.

La investigación preliminar reveló que tres ciudadanos paquistaníes y Kerala nativo Mohammad Shihab tenía un contrato de arrendamiento de su casa en Kumaraswamy diseño.

En estos documentos, el nombre fue cambiado. Samara Abdul Rehman, después de Karachi fue nombrado Najma, mientras Kirhon convirtió Kiran, informa el hindú. Estos documentos falsos fueron utilizados para comprar Aadhaar tarjetas.
Muhammed Shihab y Samira niña paquistaní se casaron y comenzaron a vivir en Bangalore después de que sus familias se oponen al partido. La otra pareja también vivía allí por la misma razón.

Según los informes, consiguieron Aadhaar tarjetas hechas tan poco como 100 Rs.

“La información que hemos recibido hasta ahora de los acusados ​​es que consiguieron de Aadhaar tarjetas para tan poco como Rs 100. ¿Cómo reaccionaron y los documentos que se utiliza para obtener son siendo objeto de investigación “, dijo un funcionario policial.

El caso ha pedido otra serie de preguntas sobre el sistema biométrico de tarjetas Aadhaar. Si bien era una solución para tarjetas de identidad falsificados, es obvio que no funciona.

La policía está ahora tratando de rastrear a las personas que ayudaron a la familia para proteger los documentos.

“Hemos detenido a cuatro personas bajo diversas disposiciones de la Ley de pasaportes, la conspiración y la creación de documentos falsos, declaraciones falsas, etc. El interrogatorio se lleva a cabo no sólo por la policía del estado, sino también por los organismos centrales para verificar toda la información proporcionada por ellos “, Praveen Sood dijo el comisionado de la policía Bangalore.

Según los informes, el trío de Pakistán cruzó la frontera Indo-Nepal Katmandú desde allí hace un año. Llegaron a Nepal desde Qatar a través de Muscat, en Omán. Luego llegaron a Patna, en Bihar antes de pasar a Bangalore.

Delhi Metro: ITO-Kashmere Gate ‘Heritage’ line to be launched on Sunday

ITO-Kashmere Gate 'Heritage' Line to be Launched on Sunday

Delhi Metro: ITO-Kashmere Gate ‘Heritage’ line to be launched on Sunday

The ‘Heritage Line’ gate of Delhi’s OIC-Kashmere gate will be open Sunday with the Commissioner of Railway Safety, clearing the way for its long-awaited commercial launch, the DMRC said today.
Vietnamese Minister of Urban Development Venkaiah Naidu and Delhi Minister Arvind Kejriwal jointly opened the line in 10 hours and will be open for public use at 12 pm, said DMRC spokesman Anuj Dayal.
Commissioner Metro Rail Safety (CMR) has given the green light for the formal launch of the 5.17 km long runner after a two-day inspection earlier in the week.
With its launch, the subway will make a major incursion into Old Delhi or the “walled city” with three stations – Delhi Gate, Jama Masjid and Red Fort.
The new line, which is essentially an extension of the purple line through Faridabad and ITO, currently take a considerable charge for the Chandni Chowk and Chawri Yellow Line Bazaar stations.
Once the section is started, residents of the densely populated area, consisting of areas in and around the Mughal powerhouse “Shahjahanabad” will have direct access to business centers such as Connaught Place, Janpath the offices of the Secretariat and the satellite center of Faridabad.
“Shahjahanabad” with red fortress as crowned glory, was founded by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the mid-17th century.
The three stations of this line, underground, were designed according to the legacy of the area to give an overview of its past and its dynamic present.
The DMRC had approached the CEMR, the coordinating agency that deals with the safety problems of train and rail operations in the country, for the inspection of the line in March.
The DMRC has also submitted documents to the ISA (Safety Independent Assessor) for the safety certification of section signaling systems, where train tests began last August.
The RSMC says that any corridor suitable for commercial operations after taking into account various technical and civil aspects.
DMRC chief Mangu Singh said the line was well prepared for launch last December, but a job crisis triggered by the ban on construction and demolition activities and demonetization led to delays.

Your PAN, Aadhaar Details Don’t Match. How To Correct Online

Your PAN, Aadhaar Details Don’t Match. How To Correct Online

The income tax department has a taxpayers to link Aadhaar with PAN immediately. The Income Tax Service prompted taxpayers to immediately connect Aadhaar to PAN. This will be useful for the electronic verification of income tax returns using OTP (unique password) sent to their registered mobile to the Aidhaar with PAN immediately . The Income Tax Service promptly taxpayers to connect Aadhaar to PAN. Aadhaar NAP inmediatamente. AAPAA, AAP, AAP. Esto será útil para el servicio de correo de verificación El impuesto sobre la renta instó a los contributantes para conectar inmediatamente Aadhaar PAN. Esto será útil para la verificación electrónica de declaraciones de impuestos utilizando. Apostolica of acupressos of impuestos. In fete felt, the ingresos of servicios of impuestos ha puesto a servicio in línea para enlazar con Aadhaar PAN. In case of divergencia in the number of Aadhaar proportions of the Aadhaar, One Time Password (OTP Aadhaar) enviará el móvil registrado con Aadhaar. In Aarhaar, in which the number of Aadhaar is completely different, the conqión fallará y is the pedirá al contyente para cambiar and number in the database of Aadhaar o PAN, of acuerdo con el departamento de impuestos. Para el beneficio de los contribuyentes, los ingresos de la servicios de impuestos a la maría a servicio en línea para corregir los errores of numbers y otros detalles en el número de cuenta permanent (PAN) y el documento Aadhaar.of declaraciones de impuestos usando OTP (Contraseña de una sola vez) enviado a su domicilio móvil con Aadhaar, dijo el departamento de impuestos. In the same way, a declaration of impuestos en línea para enlazar con Aadhaar PAN in caso de cualquier discrepancia menor in number of Aadhaar proportionales de los contributors cuando comparar con los datos reales of Aadhaar, OTP Aadhaar al móvil registrado con Aadhaar. In casos inusuales Donde number Aadhaar es diferente del number in completo Llame PAN, entonces el enlace fallará and contributing it the pedirá that cambie el number in oro in the base of datos del frame Aadhaar, dijo el departamento de impuestos. Para el beneficio de los contribuyentes, the lanza departamento de servicio en línea ejercicio fiscalo a la año de la presente de cuenta (PAN) and the documento de Aadhaar, according to the tax service. In this regard, the Income Tax Service has an online facility to link Aadhaar with PAN. In case of inconsistency in the name of Aadhaar provided by the taxpayer in relation to the actual data of Aadhaar, One Time Password (Aadhaar OTP) will be sent to the registered mobile with Aadhaar. In rare cases where the name of Aadhaar is completely different from the name in PAN, the link will fail and the taxpayer will be prompted to change the name in Aadhaar or the PAN database, according to the tax department. For the benefit of taxpayers, the Income Tax Service and the document Aadhaar.of income tax returns Using OTP (one-time password) to Aadhaar, The tax department said. Aadhaar with PAN, A case of any minor mismatch in Aadhaar (Aadhaar OTP) will be sent to the mobile registered with Aadhaar. In rare cases where Aadhaar name is completely different from name in PAN, then the linking will fail and taxpayer will be prompted to change the name in either Aadhaar or PAN database, the tax department said. For the benefit of taxpayers, the income tax department has a permanent account number (PAN) and Aadhaar document.tiempo Aadhaar NAP inmediatamente. Esto será útil para el servicio de correo de verificación El impuesto sobre la renta instó a los contributantes para conectar inmediatamente Aadhaar PAN. Esto será útil para la verificación electrónica de declaraciones de impuestos utilizando. Apostolica de acupressos de impuestos. In fete felt, the ingresos of servicios de impuestos ha puesto walked a servicio in línea para enlazar con Aadhaar PAN. In case of divergencia in the number of Aadhaar proporcionada por el contributing from the datos reales of Aadhaar, One Time Password (OTP Aadhaar) enviará el móvil registrado con Aadhaar. In raros casos in which the number of Aadhaar is completely different in number of PAN, the conexión fallará y is the pedirá al contribuyente para cambiar el number in the base of datos Aadhaar o PAN, of acuerdo co


SYSKA LED: A Trendsetter in LED Lighting in India

SYSKA LED is the flagship company of the modern, futuristic and diversified conglomerate Shree Sant Kripa(SSK) Group. Within a short span of just two years, the SYSKA brand has succeeded in creating a strong brand recall through aggressive marketing campaigns along with smart sales strategy. SYSKA has been recognized as the “Most Trusted Brand in Household Lighting”by BrandTrust Report.

At SYSKA LED the mission is: To relentlessly strive to innovate and create LED Lighting Solutions which will be efficient, reliable, safe, future-ready and environment friendly. In keeping with this mission, the organization has developed a vast range of specialized eco-friendly LED lighting solutions. These lights consume upto 70% less power than conventional lights like CFLs. They provide excellent luminous efficacy, versatility and uniform light distribution. They are designed to last exceedingly long, give quick payback periods and are completely free of toxic components like mercury, lead, etc., they are extremely durable and come with a 2-year warranty.

SYSKA LED’s expertise covers the entire gamut of LED solutions – including design, manufacturing, supply & installation of fixtures and strong after-sales service. A dedicated team of engineers with over 15 years of experience work round-the-clock with the aim of creating customerdelight.

Demand for SYSKA LED lighting products is growing at a fast pace.” We are aiming to take LED lighting to masses by offering retrofit solutions and emerge as the leader in this LED-based lighting segment, which is the future of lighting”, asserts Mr. Govind Uttamchandani, the dynamic and far-sighted CMD of the SSK group.

SYSKA LED has the most extensive array of LED lighting solutions of international quality for residential,
commercial, industrial and outdoor usage.

The residential range has functional lights like bulbs, tubes, panels to high-end products like chandeliers.This range of products is RoHS compliant. The Commercial range is also vast and has a wide range of retrofit solutions, downlights, 2 by 2 fixtures and sleek panels (withdimmableoption).

The Industrial and Outdoor portfolio cater to a wide range of applications and encompasses street lights, high-bays, tunnel lights, beam lights, garden lights and landscape lights.

SYSKA LED is nowfocused towards rapidly expanding its distribution network across India. They are making their mark through exclusive brand outlets called SYSKA LED Lounges and have robust plans of setting up 200 lounges within next one year. Says Mr. Rajesh Uttamchandani, Director, SSK Group,”In continuation with our commitment to provide the best in-class products, SYSKA looks forward to opening such Lounges across major cities in India. These will also enable us to strengthen our partnership with interior designers, architects, consultants and lighting professionals.”

In addition to its manufacturing plant in Korea, SYSKA LED has started their manufacturing operations at Rabale, Maharashtra and is planning to create a Manufacturing Zone spread across 25 acres in Madhya Pradesh.Thiswill helpthem catertothe hugedemand of LED lighting across emerging markets.

A strong manufacturing backbone, world-class R&D infrastructure, a robust distribution network and a superior sales & service team are the key drivers towards making SYSKA LED the leading player in the Indian LED lighting landscape.