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Blue Whale suicide game

Healers come into contact with vulnerable targets and give them tasks to accomplish; the ultimate task is to commit suicide
The Blue Whale Challenge Suicide Game – which has claimed more than 100 lives around the world so far – is now available with different names such as A Silent House, A Sea of Whales and Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM, according to a UNICEF statement, which states that there could be other similar games available on the Internet, as well. The advisor also said that although the government has asked companies such as Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo to immediately eliminate the links that lead to deadly gambling, it remains unclear how these companies would make the game inaccessible .

“It’s because this Blue Whale Challenge Game is not accessible to the public and can be downloaded for free, it’s a social networking phenomenon where conversations about it happen secretly in closed social media groups. play only if an administrator comes in contact with you and recruit him as a potential whale, or a candidate, “he said.

In India, fatal gambling claimed another victim in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday evening, when a 13-year-old boy committed suicide by clinging to his home, another boy from Bengal was rescued from mortal life by his friends, teachers and teachers of the university The police advisers of West Bengal on the same day. The game that originated in Russia has caused more than 100 deaths worldwide. In India too, it has cost the lives of more than six children between the ages of 12 and 19 to date.

A similar number of children were damaged while playing a deadly game and were rescued only by rapid intervention. The DOST #Staysafeonline ASLI campaign in India has launched tips for parents and teachers to monitor their children’s social media activity. The key points of the consultation are:


Here are a few tips on how you can keep your child safe online:

  • Having correct information about an issue is extremely important. The media reports on this issue do not make it clear that the role of this game/challenge in the recent cases of suicide has not been verified yet.
  • Make sure that your child has access to age appropriate online sites which do not promote unethical behaviour or violence.
  • Always ensure that your child accesses Internet from a computer placed in the family space.
  • Talk to your child more often. Explore the online world together and engage in interesting activities demonstrating ethical and safe online behaviour.
  • Use parental controls on all the devices used by your child. Monitor the screen time and keep an eye on his/her online activities.
  • Be a role model to your child. Be conscious of your own online activities.
  • Talk to other parents, share concerns if any and discuss best ways to help your children.
  • Keep yourself updated with recent internet phenomena.
  • Observe your child’s behaviour closely. Be alert to any unusual changes like moodiness, less or no communication, lack of interest in studies and falling grades. If you notice any such changes, closely monitor his/her online activities, talk to school authorities or consult a child psychologist.
  • If you find out that your child is already playing the Blue Whale Challenge, immediately stop him/her from using the internet from any devices.
  • Inform your local police authority about what has happened and seek their advice on the next safety measures.

Kidambi Srikanth Version 3.0: Stronger, mature and less eccentric

Kidambi Srikanth Version 3.0: Stronger, mature and less eccentric

In the Víspera of uno de los los alta presión mayoría encuentros Kidambi los Srikanth final los cuartos Juegos Olímpicos Río Pullela Gopichand dijo That estaba hablando con su servicio como la importancia de una alimentación suficiente y teniendo descanso y el trabajo Of izquierda HAS desarrollar the estrategia Of the final of the Abierto of Australia contra Chen judador largo campeón olímpico y sus entrenadores that acompañan.

Srikanth, that está jugando in su tercera final consecutiva Superseries, persiguiendo the historia there was infringed to an enemigo como he perdido cinco veces antes. In tales circunstancias, el entrenador y mentor normalmente habrían intentado irrumpir in the estrategia of the mente del estudiante to mantener the concentración.

“He is an intelligent judge.” Realmente juego dee el este parte de el “, dice Gopichand.

Para aquellos that han experimentado Srikanth, of 24 años tiene una capacidad natural para leer the situación y estrategias. Más bien, es the preparación física, the dieta y el resto its las áreas that nosotros the debemos recordar constantly.

Hablar con cualquier entrenador That ha trabajado Srikanth con el día That united to me the Autoridad del Centro de Deportes of Andhra Pradesh entrenador of bádminton in 2001 como un hijo de ocho años y la primera palabra para describir Utilizan are “perezoso”.

Hay suficientes historias de sus días how to entrenamiento físico, no comen jóvenes sesiones somersault secundaria Srikanth there había sido culpable of No. girar HAS práctica durante días después de una mala pérdida. Una teoría ha llegado a sugerir a pesar de ser a judador brilliant individuales tengo that centrarse in el partido of dobles opt como junior necesita menos porque the legal cobertura in eventos vinculados.

Incluso Pero estos temas of the discusión, el talento of innate admiración tenía el niño era obvious siempre y también lo era in the frustracià ³ n known fracaso acadà © mico.

Now nadie puede quejarse of después de ello que el primer indio Srikanth volvio HAS llegar a very consecutivos Superseries final Shuttler y el primer hombre en ganar títulos back-to-back HAS este nivel cuando asegurado corona abierta of australia superando HAS Chen el domingo.

Esto no es Srikanth no ha tenido éxito antes. Empeced in el primer judador de bádminton masculino indio in a ganar título Superseries Cuando me molesta el Abierto Lin Dan in China in 2014. Done Paro corona abierta y la India 2015 alcanzó a máximo rango 3 carrera mundo.

Era the versión dos Srikanth. El niño Guntur That Unió Has the Gopichand Academy in 2010, has lentamente transformó especialista in a solo por el jefe nacional entrenador, That convenció a veces, pero sobre todo era muy demanding the only No. comen verduras a sí mismo HAS fortalecerse.

probable es que también tuvo ayudó only Srikanth That esperar para seis meses unirse Knew K Nandagopal hermano como fue sólo Hyderabad inicialmente el hermano mayor elegido in the academia y el joven puso mala cara y fuera Quedo of formación. Y cuando finalmente se unió a la academia, estoy dispuesto a trabajar más duro. The Fundación GoSports llegó a bordo in 2012 y proporciona el apoyo necesario in términos of formadores and fisioterapeuta that empeced a los torneos internacionales and también lo estaba apoyando visitas de contacto.

A crisis of confidence? To counter the naysayers, Saina Nehwal just needs to believe in herself

A crisis of confidence? To counter the naysayers, Saina Nehwal just needs to believe in herself

In the course of the last two weeks, Saina Nehwal a player of a high-level player to leave the block in the Superseries Premier Indonesia and Superseries in Australia. (With Ratchanok Intanon to Jakarta and Sung Ji Hyun to Sydney), his first response to a summer that is not expected to be the franchise of the first turn.

For those who have followed the race for the number in the whole world since their débuts, the statement that the person responsible for the doubt is a surprise since the young man of 27 and a successful construction with immense confidence in his own ability An inflexible Esprit.

Plus the blessing on the threatening generated a race a week before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games that have let out three months, retransmission. A moment donne, même see sympathisers auraient pu pulse en sa capacité à faire un retour. Tant et si, qui a attiré une départ de départ of Premier Badminton League plus tôt cette année.

More Nehwal trails immediately for the Malaisie Masters Grand Prix Gold trailer. It should be noted that in addition to the above, it is difficult to understand the commentary, and to provide the confluence in soi a été abattu de cette manière.

Même vendredi, quand elle a abandonné sa couronne Superseries Australienne après avoir perdu le Soleil Yu de Chine aux quarts de finale, the façon dont s’est battue tout au long du match was an indicaur assez bon qu’il resit suffisamment de vie dans Les jambes of the bronze medal of the London Olympics.

Elle a lutté pour tous les points, s’est très bien animée et n’a pas fait beaucoup de mal au cours d’une heure de rencontre de 18 minutes, mais pour avoir renoncé à l’initiative – pas une fois plus deux fois – When you are supposed to participate in the meurtre. C’était le même scénario dans le tour préécédent de Soniia Cheah, plus Nehwal had reussi à regrouper dans le décider pour avancer dans les quarts.

Contre Sun Yu, the parties to the dispute at the beginning and the troisième match, well qu’elle ait travaillé dur et ont donné aucun point facile au cours de cette phase, il était évidit que Nehwal ne croyait pas qu ‘Elle Pourrait endommager la Pourriture.

Every time that is not lost, the bavardage is a habit of knowing if the championnat of the Monde Argent medalists are past prime minister begin to take the élan.

More est-elle vraiment sur un descending spirale or a-t-elle capacité de gagner de nouveaux titres majeurs?

Nehwal ne devient plus jeune et un vieux passé plus d’une décennie sur le circuit international. Elle n’a peut-être pas beaucoup d’années à ce niveau, plus le joueur de 27 ans a certainement la possibilité de gagner quelques titres de plus avant de raccrocher sa raquette pour de bon.

Ceux quai travaillent avec elle à Bangalore confirms that Nehwal s’entraîne encore plus fort well avant et il n’y a rien de vraiment mal avec are global level de forme physique.

However, there is a great probability that is an ultra-competitive personality in the l’aide pas vraiment. Nehwal connu a phase similaire avant that PV Sindhu has repaired the bronze medals of the Championnat du monde in 2013-14 alors qu’elle luttait pour dresser une series de good résultats. It will be the finale of the Quitter l’Académie de badminton de Gopichand et a déménagé à Bangalore pour s’entraîner sous U Vimal Kumar and in order to monter sur le sommet du classeement mondial in 2015.

Hockey World League: When India ‘quietly’ hammered Pakistan

Hockey World League: When India ‘quietly’ hammered Pakistan

London: There was no clash of stands. There were no hard times on the field. The good English applause continued to enjoy an ingenious trick, again or a separation. If there was a target, the punch was getting a little stronger. It was perhaps the most generous victory in a match between the sport between India and Pakistan. At the end, score 6-1 read in India. A hammering, but less fuss occurs when these two nations play. But that was not surprising.

India was still in recovery mode. A defeat against Malaysia reduced their confidence in half, to win the semifinals of the World Hockey League (HWL) no longer existed.

Pakistan’s reasons for closing were different. They are a messy team, playing like Hungarian hockey and struggling to qualify for the World Cup. On Saturday, after fitting his 27th goal of the tournament without winning a single penalty corner throughout the match, Pakistan could not book a spot in the final HWL Final this year.

And what killed the fans’ interest was the mundane shot – a 5/8 positioning match. But the victory of India assured that they play for the 5th position against Canada on Sunday, while Pakistan will meet China in the seventh. The concern in Indian body language was clear. Despite having goals to beat Pakistan, thoughts of quarter-finals defeat there 48 hours, he is still worried.

“There is always time to deal with disappointment and this is the moment we gave them.” The next day (Friday), they started to focus on this game (against Pakistan).You should make sure you get it (disappointment) and start Again, “Coach Roelant Oltmans said after India’s second victory in Pakistan in less than a week.

They won 7-1 in a pool game earlier in the tournament, which is India’s biggest victory against Pakistan.

“In this tournament, we’re not going to be happy. I think we should have finished higher than we will,” Oltmans said. It is strange to hear that you lose a team ranked eight places further down, then complain that you have not had enough competition in the tournament.

India lost 2-3 to Malaysia, which was the second time in a month and a half that they have descended on their Asian neighbors in a must-play. The last time was in Ipoh to the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. It was a 0-1 loss that led India to score for the final.

Yes, Oltmans complains about the lack of competitive games in London.

“It is necessary to compete in tournaments of this type.This is my biggest disappointment.We could play Argentina or Holland again, as it is good for the development of young players, and we have a number here,” said Oltmans.

A coach saying that, especially after the difficult defeat to remember against Malaysia, sends the wrong signal. Of course, it will be encouraging to see India regularly can team like Germany, the Netherlands, and Australia. But this will happen after winning becomes a habit, which is not the case now.

We lose or tie games where victory is the only way forward. He came to the Rio Olympic Games against Canada and Germany twice this year against Malaysia and against Belgium in the invitation to three nations in Dusseldorf.