Hockey World League: When India ‘quietly’ hammered Pakistan

Hockey World League: When India ‘quietly’ hammered Pakistan

London: There was no clash of stands. There were no hard times on the field. The good English applause continued to enjoy an ingenious trick, again or a separation. If there was a target, the punch was getting a little stronger. It was perhaps the most generous victory in a match between the sport between India and Pakistan. At the end, score 6-1 read in India. A hammering, but less fuss occurs when these two nations play. But that was not surprising.

India was still in recovery mode. A defeat against Malaysia reduced their confidence in half, to win the semifinals of the World Hockey League (HWL) no longer existed.

Pakistan’s reasons for closing were different. They are a messy team, playing like Hungarian hockey and struggling to qualify for the World Cup. On Saturday, after fitting his 27th goal of the tournament without winning a single penalty corner throughout the match, Pakistan could not book a spot in the final HWL Final this year.

And what killed the fans’ interest was the mundane shot – a 5/8 positioning match. But the victory of India assured that they play for the 5th position against Canada on Sunday, while Pakistan will meet China in the seventh. The concern in Indian body language was clear. Despite having goals to beat Pakistan, thoughts of quarter-finals defeat there 48 hours, he is still worried.

“There is always time to deal with disappointment and this is the moment we gave them.” The next day (Friday), they started to focus on this game (against Pakistan).You should make sure you get it (disappointment) and start Again, “Coach Roelant Oltmans said after India’s second victory in Pakistan in less than a week.

They won 7-1 in a pool game earlier in the tournament, which is India’s biggest victory against Pakistan.

“In this tournament, we’re not going to be happy. I think we should have finished higher than we will,” Oltmans said. It is strange to hear that you lose a team ranked eight places further down, then complain that you have not had enough competition in the tournament.

India lost 2-3 to Malaysia, which was the second time in a month and a half that they have descended on their Asian neighbors in a must-play. The last time was in Ipoh to the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. It was a 0-1 loss that led India to score for the final.

Yes, Oltmans complains about the lack of competitive games in London.

“It is necessary to compete in tournaments of this type.This is my biggest disappointment.We could play Argentina or Holland again, as it is good for the development of young players, and we have a number here,” said Oltmans.

A coach saying that, especially after the difficult defeat to remember against Malaysia, sends the wrong signal. Of course, it will be encouraging to see India regularly can team like Germany, the Netherlands, and Australia. But this will happen after winning becomes a habit, which is not the case now.

We lose or tie games where victory is the only way forward. He came to the Rio Olympic Games against Canada and Germany twice this year against Malaysia and against Belgium in the invitation to three nations in Dusseldorf.

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