A ‘swachch’ toilet experiment in Madagascar that has lessons for the modern world

A ‘swachch’ toilet experiment in Madagascar that has lessons for the modern world

Eleonore Rartjarasoaniony – a 47-year-old mother, a girl and a small shop owner in the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo – is in the middle of her garden, looking at two young men in colorful suits and rubber boots to hygienic Loowatt Their new toilet without water that replace the latrines only a few months. At their feet, two skinny chickens and long legs, flocked by a group of soft chicks dressed in something like food, including shoes.

Inside a wooden hut behind his elderly mother, Rartjarasoaniony welcome their guests through a small window that faces the narrow and unpaved street. This is the Rartjarasoaniony store, where it sells a little of everything: kitchen sponges, eggs laid by chickens and freshly brewed coffee, and delivery to customers in small metal cups rinsed in bucket water from a common pump.

As described his new toilets in the soft Malagasy language – and the manager of Loowatt Anselmo Andriamahavita translated – I discern the word Mara in the chain of unknown sounds. At present, I learned that Tsara means “good”, as in well-being and health. Rartjarasoaniony rose to new toilet, as it is cleaner and safer than dependence.

“My family of four people use it, and my three renters who rent the neighboring house are included in the rent,” he said. “Even my son can use it,” he added, echoing the concerns of all mothers in Madagascar, terrified that their young children might someday fall into a pit and humiliate literally.

As most residents of Madagascar Rartjarasoaniony and tenants do not have modern sanitation systems in their homes, they are built with handmade bricks of the red mud of Madagascar. While mobile phones are ubiquitous in Antananarivo, toilets are not. Most people use “Madagascar baths”, that is, dependencies. In the countryside, some villagers even have – when nature calls them, they go to the bushes or in the fields. The most sophisticated of Madagascar that has latrines called “go natural”.

But latrines are not a hygienic solution, not just because they feel and are difficult to clean. Madagascar has so much groundwater that many residents of Antananarivo grow rice in their courses. When torrential rains, floods hit everything. Waste latrines rise and float in the courses, houses, shops, and streets.

The threat is very real. In the latrines of a neighbor on the other side of the street, sordid gray almost reaches the surface of the pit, a clear threat comes to the next storm. “When the toilet was used before the pit, and it was raining, sometimes the water intake,” said Rartjarasoaniony. “And we were afraid of getting sick from the dirt.” The lack of toilets is not an exclusive problem of Madagascar.

The World Health Organization estimates that 2.4 billion people do not have access to basic toilets, and almost 1 billion can not even do their business in the practice of so-called “private outdoor defecation”, the use of Fields, channels or streams. Many countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia face similar sanitation challenges, from the Kings, Francis told North Carolina State University, which develops sanitation management solutions for county development.

In many places, building a toilet system as we know it, is almost impossible. Some places just do not have enough water.

Kidambi Srikanth Version 3.0: Stronger, mature and less eccentric

Kidambi Srikanth Version 3.0: Stronger, mature and less eccentric

In the Víspera of uno de los los alta presión mayoría encuentros Kidambi los Srikanth final los cuartos Juegos Olímpicos Río Pullela Gopichand dijo That estaba hablando con su servicio como la importancia de una alimentación suficiente y teniendo descanso y el trabajo Of izquierda HAS desarrollar the estrategia Of the final of the Abierto of Australia contra Chen judador largo campeón olímpico y sus entrenadores that acompañan.

Srikanth, that está jugando in su tercera final consecutiva Superseries, persiguiendo the historia there was infringed to an enemigo como he perdido cinco veces antes. In tales circunstancias, el entrenador y mentor normalmente habrían intentado irrumpir in the estrategia of the mente del estudiante to mantener the concentración.

“He is an intelligent judge.” Realmente juego dee el este parte de el “, dice Gopichand.

Para aquellos that han experimentado Srikanth, of 24 años tiene una capacidad natural para leer the situación y estrategias. Más bien, es the preparación física, the dieta y el resto its las áreas that nosotros the debemos recordar constantly.

Hablar con cualquier entrenador That ha trabajado Srikanth con el día That united to me the Autoridad del Centro de Deportes of Andhra Pradesh entrenador of bádminton in 2001 como un hijo de ocho años y la primera palabra para describir Utilizan are “perezoso”.

Hay suficientes historias de sus días how to entrenamiento físico, no comen jóvenes sesiones somersault secundaria Srikanth there había sido culpable of No. girar HAS práctica durante días después de una mala pérdida. Una teoría ha llegado a sugerir a pesar de ser a judador brilliant individuales tengo that centrarse in el partido of dobles opt como junior necesita menos porque the legal cobertura in eventos vinculados.

Incluso Pero estos temas of the discusión, el talento of innate admiración tenía el niño era obvious siempre y también lo era in the frustracià ³ n known fracaso acadà © mico.

Now nadie puede quejarse of después de ello que el primer indio Srikanth volvio HAS llegar a very consecutivos Superseries final Shuttler y el primer hombre en ganar títulos back-to-back HAS este nivel cuando asegurado corona abierta of australia superando HAS Chen el domingo.

Esto no es Srikanth no ha tenido éxito antes. Empeced in el primer judador de bádminton masculino indio in a ganar título Superseries Cuando me molesta el Abierto Lin Dan in China in 2014. Done Paro corona abierta y la India 2015 alcanzó a máximo rango 3 carrera mundo.

Era the versión dos Srikanth. El niño Guntur That Unió Has the Gopichand Academy in 2010, has lentamente transformó especialista in a solo por el jefe nacional entrenador, That convenció a veces, pero sobre todo era muy demanding the only No. comen verduras a sí mismo HAS fortalecerse.

probable es que también tuvo ayudó only Srikanth That esperar para seis meses unirse Knew K Nandagopal hermano como fue sólo Hyderabad inicialmente el hermano mayor elegido in the academia y el joven puso mala cara y fuera Quedo of formación. Y cuando finalmente se unió a la academia, estoy dispuesto a trabajar más duro. The Fundación GoSports llegó a bordo in 2012 y proporciona el apoyo necesario in términos of formadores and fisioterapeuta that empeced a los torneos internacionales and también lo estaba apoyando visitas de contacto.

A crisis of confidence? To counter the naysayers, Saina Nehwal just needs to believe in herself

A crisis of confidence? To counter the naysayers, Saina Nehwal just needs to believe in herself

In the course of the last two weeks, Saina Nehwal a player of a high-level player to leave the block in the Superseries Premier Indonesia and Superseries in Australia. (With Ratchanok Intanon to Jakarta and Sung Ji Hyun to Sydney), his first response to a summer that is not expected to be the franchise of the first turn.

For those who have followed the race for the number in the whole world since their débuts, the statement that the person responsible for the doubt is a surprise since the young man of 27 and a successful construction with immense confidence in his own ability An inflexible Esprit.

Plus the blessing on the threatening generated a race a week before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games that have let out three months, retransmission. A moment donne, même see sympathisers auraient pu pulse en sa capacité à faire un retour. Tant et si, qui a attiré une départ de départ of Premier Badminton League plus tôt cette année.

More Nehwal trails immediately for the Malaisie Masters Grand Prix Gold trailer. It should be noted that in addition to the above, it is difficult to understand the commentary, and to provide the confluence in soi a été abattu de cette manière.

Même vendredi, quand elle a abandonné sa couronne Superseries Australienne après avoir perdu le Soleil Yu de Chine aux quarts de finale, the façon dont s’est battue tout au long du match was an indicaur assez bon qu’il resit suffisamment de vie dans Les jambes of the bronze medal of the London Olympics.

Elle a lutté pour tous les points, s’est très bien animée et n’a pas fait beaucoup de mal au cours d’une heure de rencontre de 18 minutes, mais pour avoir renoncé à l’initiative – pas une fois plus deux fois – When you are supposed to participate in the meurtre. C’était le même scénario dans le tour préécédent de Soniia Cheah, plus Nehwal had reussi à regrouper dans le décider pour avancer dans les quarts.

Contre Sun Yu, the parties to the dispute at the beginning and the troisième match, well qu’elle ait travaillé dur et ont donné aucun point facile au cours de cette phase, il était évidit que Nehwal ne croyait pas qu ‘Elle Pourrait endommager la Pourriture.

Every time that is not lost, the bavardage is a habit of knowing if the championnat of the Monde Argent medalists are past prime minister begin to take the élan.

More est-elle vraiment sur un descending spirale or a-t-elle capacité de gagner de nouveaux titres majeurs?

Nehwal ne devient plus jeune et un vieux passé plus d’une décennie sur le circuit international. Elle n’a peut-être pas beaucoup d’années à ce niveau, plus le joueur de 27 ans a certainement la possibilité de gagner quelques titres de plus avant de raccrocher sa raquette pour de bon.

Ceux quai travaillent avec elle à Bangalore confirms that Nehwal s’entraîne encore plus fort well avant et il n’y a rien de vraiment mal avec are global level de forme physique.

However, there is a great probability that is an ultra-competitive personality in the l’aide pas vraiment. Nehwal connu a phase similaire avant that PV Sindhu has repaired the bronze medals of the Championnat du monde in 2013-14 alors qu’elle luttait pour dresser une series de good résultats. It will be the finale of the Quitter l’Académie de badminton de Gopichand et a déménagé à Bangalore pour s’entraîner sous U Vimal Kumar and in order to monter sur le sommet du classeement mondial in 2015.

The Daily Fix: Lynchings may not be new but for the government to treat them as routine certainly is

The Daily Fix: Lynchings may not be new but for the government to treat them as routine certainly is

Unión Ministry of Interior Rajiv Mehrishi han sugerido that los linchamientos no son a fenómeno nuevo; Ellos están in el “feudal” in the naturaleza. Ellos “sacudir the conciencia” in the actualidad, pero debe ser porque her “más exagerada y más informado. Este día surgió very shapeless lynching Muslim hombres en el norte de Bengala, y unos pocos días después de 16 años de edad musulmana fue golpeado hasta la muerte in a tren Haryana are 57 años de edad murió frente a una mezquita CACHEMIRA 22 de junio, observación the Mehrishi, lo que parece este tipo de sugerir that incident deben ser como minimizan costumbre, are aterradora.

Ciertamente a lynching es una forma de violencia atávica, ritualizada espontánea there, al mismo tiempo, sober base justicia popular Nociones Primas promulgando miedos Profundos y más de una sociedad paranoia, the necesidad de encontrar a expiatorio. No hay documentos oficiales as demuestren estos incidentes son ya hacia arriba o no; That ahora se discuten sólo informó puede ser paso in the direction correcta.

Pero una especie of linchamiento es, sin duda, a product of the actual political situation and the frenesí, that permitió to the mayoría. Casi todas las víctimas eran personas of the comunidad minoritaria. Todos los atacantes eran miembros del poder mayoritario – Ellos debían ser otra comunidad en Cachemira. Muchos de ellos han sido asesinatos en el number of the leases of protección of the vaca defendidas por el gobierno central and el estado con un nuevo celo. Turbas matan ahora con una sensacion of impunidad, con muchos teléfonos móviles de diseño para filmar the violencia. No es suficiente para hacer frente a la muerte, debe ser commemorated testigo, haciendo que el acto de matar a símbolo, repetido una y otra vez en el mundo virtual. In the América del 19 y Principios del siglo 20, los recuerdos oscuros de linchamiento negros podrían ser comprados por un pequeño precio. The tecnología moderna ha asegurado of which el evento in sí puede ser probado varias veces de forma gratuita.

The mayoría of refrigeración propio silencio sobre el of violencia por parte del gobierno. El domingo, el primer ministro Narendra Modi hablo de su programa de radio “Mann Ki BAAT” sobre el yoga perorar los orígenes of palabra “monstruo” baños emergencia there. Pero linchamientos ocurridos en los últimos días sin comentarios. Por lo tanto, las declaraciones del ministro del Interior Poco ventoso no debería ser una sorpresa. Los lynchings no sea nuevo, pero this cultura del consenso político Ciertamente is.Samar Halarnkar disecciona the back of lynchings historia y cómo is hindú Cobra India.

Arunabh Saikia informa de cómo, in Arunachal Pradesh, el ejército pertenece a matar a civilian, pero lo that acción?

Las fuerzas especiales – Actos Power otorga wide potencias las militares y contra el inmunidad the Enjuiciamiento las zonas afectadas por el conflicto – es, en efecto, in partes Arunachal Pradesh Changlang incluyendo. Barrio con cerca Owings SUS Myanmar utilizado es por los grupos como el Consejo Nacional insurgentes Socialista Nagaland (Khaplang) y el Frente liberación Assam (independiente) como punto de Campos tránsito para los entrenamiento Cruzado in Myanmar, dicen Los funcionarios de seguridad.

Techie Jumped From 4th Floor, Said ‘No Job Security’ In Suicide Note

Techie Jumped From 4th Floor, Said 'No Job Security' In Suicide Note

Techie Jumped From 4th Floor, Said ‘No Job Security’ In Suicide Note

A 25-year-old software engineer from Andhra Pradesh who jumped on the fourth floor of a hotel in Pune, said on Thursday the Cairo “lack of job security” in the industry on his suicide note, police said.

Gopikrishna Guruprasad also tried to cut his veins before jumping to the hotel in the Vimanagar area of ​​Pune, police said.

“In her, there is no job security. I am very worried about my family,” he wrote in his Guruprasad note.

Police were informed by the hotel management about the incident that led to the 25-year-old in a hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The autopsy was carried out and the body was given to his family.

Guruprasad worked with an IT company in Pune and had worked in Delhi and Hyderabad.

Suicide occurs amid protests against mass layoffs of IT companies across the country.

Many professionals have expressed concern about layoff reports, mainly as a result of the greater difficulty in obtaining H-1B visas.

Most information technology companies in India with H-1B visas to send employees to the United States.

A group of IT workers called Forum for Information Technology Employees (FITE)) should also be registered as the country’s first technical union, fighting large-scale layoffs by IT companies and Position construction developed with work visas and increased automation in the industry.

‘By I-Day, UP farmers to be free of debt’

'By I-Day, UP farmers to be free of debt'

‘By I-Day, UP farmers to be free of debt’

Lucknow: This Independence Day will demonstrate a new kind of freedom for farmers in Uttar Pradesh.

On Thursday, Deputy Minister Dinesh Sharma announced the Vidhan Parishad that the state government would grant abandonment of all loans to farmers before August 15.

The announcement came two days after the government has allocated a budget of Rs 36 billion rupees to repay loans of up to Rs 1 lakh taken by small and marginal farmers.

The waiver of the loan for farmers, which should benefit about 86 lakh people, was one of the BJP’s main promises during the election campaign of the meeting, held earlier this year.

Sharma said the verification of farmers’ bank accounts would be completed on July 22, after which the money transfer process would begin. He said the farmers who had obtained their Aadhaar cards linked to their bank accounts benefit the first two phases.

“If the rest of the farmers would be taken later,” he said. Deputy added that the state government had asked the banks not to take notice or take action against farmers who do not pay the loans.

The issue of the loan exemption was lifted in the legislature after Congressman Dhruv Kumar Tripathi of Congress said that the amount allocated in the budget was far from sufficient.
He said that the budget needs for this purpose was not less than Rs 93,000 crore.

The government has also decided to establish a company to supply medicines to public hospitals in the state. Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh said the decision had been made due to the shortage of medicines in some hospitals.

Northeast floods cause unprecedented damage, 80 dead, 17 lakh marooned

Northeast floods cause unprecedented damage, 80 dead, 17 lakh marooned

Northeast floods cause unprecedented damage, 80 dead, 17 lakh marooned

Union Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region (Doner), who chaired a meeting on Thursday to review the floods in the Northeast, said the devastation hit all 58 districts of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur.

“The damage caused by rainfall is unprecedented, and 58 areas have been affected by floods / avalanches in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur.” Nearly 80 lives have been lost, Singh said.

Assam was the worst case, with about 50 flood-related deaths so far in 26 districts. The state also saw more than 17 lakh be allocated to the floods.

Minister of the Union, Kiren Rijiju, who was appointed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to control flooding in the northeast, began Thursday an aerial inspection of Assam and said an interdepartmental HLT would MP States in one month Assess damages.

The Center also plans to hire space technology experts and the Indian Space Research Organization to assess damage caused by floods and landslides
Around 77 p. 100 Kaziranga National Park in Assam, 134 camps against poaching were flooded, leaving the animals dead and some settled in the high plateaus neighboring.

According to the director of the park, 58 animals, including three rare rhinques alone Corneau, died because of floods. Authorities are also concerned that animals fleeing from flooded areas may be prey to poachers, but no cases of poaching have been reported.

According to the State Disaster Management Authority Assam, floods affected more than 17.43 lakh people around Dhemaji, Lakhimpur, Biswanath, Sonitpur, Darrang, Nalbari, Barpeta, Bongaigaon, Chirang, Kokrajhar, Dhubri, South Sálmara, Goalpara, Marigaon , Nagaon, Karbi Anglong, Jorhat, Golaghat, Majuli, Sivasagar, Dibrugarh, Charaideo, Cachar, Karimganj, Hailakandi and Kamrup.

ASDMA added that 2,450 villages were under water in Assam more than 86 000 hectares of cropland were flooded due to flooding. Statewide 14 10 968 animals and poultry were affected by floodwaters, according to the agency.

Currently, the Brahmaputra flowing above the danger mark in five places – Guwahati, Jorhat Nimatighat, Tezpur in Sonitpur, and Goalpara and Dhubri cities. Other rivers like Burhidehing to Khowang in Dibrugarh Desang Naglamuragat to Sivasagar, river dhansiri in Numaligarh in Golaghat and Beki in Barpeta Road Bridge also flowing above the danger mark.

Arunachal Pradesh was a great success in its road infrastructure, the capital Itanagar being practically cut. Many state central offices in the state also separated from the rest of the country, authorities said. The main rivers of Arunachal Pradesh exceeded danger levels Thursday.

Nagaland has also been affected by floods reported to Thursday after torrential rains swept the state.

No casualties were reported on Friday morning, but authorities said crops and plantations were destroyed, cattle were swept and many families were left homeless.

The landslides have affected road transport in several parts of the state. The National Highway Dimapur-Kohima-29 was badly damaged near the village of Kiruphema.

In its meteorological bulletin Thursday, the Indian Meteorology Department has forecast moderate rains and thunderstorms in “many places” in Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura, and light rains and moderate thunderstorms in some places “to” Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Meghalaya.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this week expressed the pain and anguish of the situation in the Northeast, saying that the Center has assured all possible help to normalize the situation.

“I am distressed by the situation due to the floods in various parts of the Northeast. I share the pain of all those affected by the floods,” Modi said.

India tops OECD list of countries that trust their governments the most: What does it mean for PM Modi?

India tops OECD list of countries that trust their governments the most: What does it mean for PM Modi?

India tops OECD list of countries that trust their governments the most: What does it mean for PM Modi?

India has become the top of a survey conducted by the Organization for Cooperation and Development (OECD) to the extent that a country depends on its government.

The result was published in a report entitled About Government in 2017, which, according to the publication, “provides the latest data available on governments of OECD countries.”

The Indian summit listed, giving a great clue to the NDA government led by the BJP, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the helm.

Lowest on the list is Greece, which, in recent years, many struggled with their finances and loans global flaws, and had to be bailed out by the European Union.

According to a report in Forbes magazine: “With 73 percent, India was at the top of the trust league government, while Canada had higher levels of trust than the average of 62 percent.”

The result can be interpreted as a huge vote of confidence in Modi and his government in India, despite the increasing number of cases of cows surveillance and right-wing violence in some areas.

This could also indicate that Modi is scheduled to return to power for a second term in 2019. However, there are a lot of time between now and the current time, and a lot can happen in that time.

The results of the OECD survey can be considered as people’s support for projects that the government has introduced the NES, reformed or renovated. This could also be the result of a scam now appearing in the framework of Modi.

Other notable countries, American confidence in the current government of the United States under the multi-million dollar companies magnanisme, the politician and the current President Donald Trump represent only 30 percent.

This could be due to his inclination to be involved in controversies, often coming out of any new newspaper would turn to negative news about him.

Even the UK, which decided last year to divide the European Union into a referendum that has been vilified by many, score 41% in the latest poll.

Sikkim standoff continues: India sticks to its guns on Chinese diplomacy

Sikkim standoff continues: India sticks to its guns on Chinese diplomacy

Sikkim standoff continues: India sticks to its guns on Chinese diplomacy

Two days after the People’s Daily, a spokesman for the Communist Party of China (CCP) published an image of an editorial from 1962, when it was given a humiliating military defeat in New Delhi, and also warned India against ” Invasion “in its New Delhi said Thursday that it will continue to use diplomatic channels to resolve the halt between the two armed forces in the nearby Dokalam Sikkim region.

Authorities said Interior Minister Rajnath Singh and Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj will close on Friday the leaders of the opposition’s top parties on the situation in the deployment of Jammu and Kashmir and China.

The conscience comes following a terrorist attack on pilgrims to Yatra Amarnath on Monday that six pilgrims died and the growing deterioration of Beijing in the Dokalam trigger.

The government’s effort is to establish a consensus by opposing the two issues with the monsoon session of Parliament from Monday.

Part of the People’s Daily and Chinese Foreign Ministry statements in the last two weeks have begun alarm bells at the top Raisina Hill.

The newspaper article paraphrased pieces and editorials led by the People’s Daily, Xinhua and Global Times to send a clear message to India to accept China’s position at the current stop at the Sikkim border or be ready to face a repeat Of 1962.

“If this can be tolerated, what can not be?” The editorial of September 22, 1962, before a month before the Chinese-Chinese War of 1962, said that “Chinese people would not tolerate provocation of the Indian army” according to an article published in the newspaper CRI entitled “Daily From People to India: borderline is the end result. ”

In an echo of China’s current position on the Dokalam conflict, the 1962 editorial warned New Delhi of grave consequences if the conflict stopped. He accused the Indian troops of invading the territory of Beijing.

During the past two weeks, Beijing has accused the Indian troops of having “crossed” in its Donglang (Dokalam) region. The area is also claimed by Bhutan.

“The intrusion of the Indian army into Chinese territory is a flagrant violation of China’s sovereignty, which must be corrected immediately and unconditionally,” he said, noting that, since Indian troops “crossed the Chinese territory” and “obstructed Work on the road “in the Dokalam in June, China has made a series of protests to urge India to withdraw its troops immediately.

“India must correct its mistakes and do sincere testing to avoid an even more serious situation, creating further consequences,” said the piece.

On Wednesday, China proposed to play a “constructive” role in resolving the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan, especially after the increase in hostility along the Line of Control (LOC), a comment to annoy India Highlights that the Simla agreement that New Delhi and Islamabad had agreed to settle bilaterally.

Today, the Foreign Ministry spokesman (MEA) has rejected the Chinese offer and said that India’s position on all issues, including Kashmir with Pakistan on a bilateral basis, had not changed.

Spokesman Gopal Baglay said India was ready for dialogue with bilateral Pakistan, but at the heart of the issue was cross-border terrorism that threatened regional peace.

He said diplomatic channels continue to be used for a resolution of the Dokalam stop.

Asked about China’s comment, there was no “bilateral meeting” between Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and China’s President Xi Jinping in Hamburg, MEA spokesman said: “I had a willing conversation between them. Of problems that were the subject of conversation. “

Trillion-tonne iceberg snaps off Antarctica ice shelf

Trillion-tonne iceberg snaps off Antarctica ice shelf

Trillion-tonne iceberg snaps off Antarctica ice shelf

A 30-million-tonne iceberg – one of the largest ever recorded – has moved away from Antarctica after many months of anticipation and may now pose a serious threat to ships across the South Pole, the scientists announced today.

The birth of the 5800 square kilometer iceberg outside the Larsen C ice shelf reduced by more than 12% in the region and the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula has changed forever.

Icebergs in Antarctica soak up the sun all the time, but because this one is particularly large, you have to be careful your way across the ocean as it could endanger sea traffic.

The event took place between July 10 and July 13, according to researchers who monitor the growing gap in the West Antarctic banana for years.

Iceberg, probably called A68, weighs more than a trillion tons. Its volume is twice as large as Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes.

The final advance of the fault has been detected in NASA MODIS MODIS instrument data, images contained in thermal infrared at a resolution of one kilometer and confirmed by the VIIRS Suomi NASA instrument.

The development of the fault over the past year has been monitored with data from Sentinel-1 satellite of the European Space Agency – part of the European Copernican space component.

Sentinel-1 is a radar imaging system capable of acquiring images regardless of cloud cover and during the current winter polar darkness.

The iceberg weighs more than a trillion tons, but was already floating before dressing, which does not have an immediate impact on sea level.